Opportunities and Requirements

shutterstock_140314897_trafikljusThe short answer is that related to feed safety, legislation, regulatory barriers and quality assurance I can do anything that you haven’t got time for, don’t want to do or maybe doesn’t have knowledge enough for. As a consequence, my services will provide you with more time to do the things you are best at.

The longer answer consists of the comprehensive requirements for feed and food safety.  In order to comply it is necessary to build and use structures, routines and management systems. Some of the cornerstones are risk analysis in accordance with HACCP, traceability throughout the entire feed/food chain and labelling in compliance with the existing and very strict legislation.

Ultimately, feed safety is all about maintaining safety in the entire feed/food chain and to provide safe food to the consumers. Even though relevant authorities will control every part of the chain, the toughest control is the one exerted by the market and the consumers as such. Consequently, concerned and serious producers will use quality assurance systems in order to provide safe products.

My mission is to be the one stop Feed Regulatory Affairs service provider for my clients and to ensure their compliance with all the relevant legislation and quality systems.